Principal's Message

Education that's a continuous process of man's life is imparted in Wisdom Public School with the motive of making the students the multifaceted personalities. We believe in discoveries and exploring the talents of the students. The perception of education in the school is not merely completing the syllabus, teaching the formulas and doing practicals but imparting that education which would take them a long way in understanding the motive of life.
The focus is more on grasping the conceptual and applied aspects rather than conventional rote method and getting scores. With my years of experience in teaching and administration, I have realized that education is the way not to achieve success but to achieve yourself as an individual ,it makes us aware of our being and understand the whole purpose of our life, as some body has rightly quoted, 'Education is what remains when we forget everything we have learnt.'
We may forget what we were taught at the school or college level but our being and values cannot be erased from our memory as they have been inculcated, inhabited and are so deep rooted that they go beyond imagination and limitation.

Mr. T.C.Kabdwal

 Manager's Message

As the Manager of Wisdom Public School it gives me immense pleasure and confidence in seeing the growth of the school. l am vastly reassured by the success of the school in the field of education, sports and co-curricular activities that the school is progressing in the right direction. The children are the future of a nation and the principal goal of education is to develop them as men and women who are creative thinkers, inventors and discoverers. A school must provide its students an atmosphere for multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to pursue their goals. I take immense pride in stating that our endeavors have always been to move in this direction.

Mr. R.S.Pokhariya


  Our Vision

The school aims at rising above the confines of conventional teaching and to develop inspired individuals who will not only able to fend for themselves, but also contribute to the welfare of the society.

  Our Mission

Wisdom Public school mission is to give wholesome all-round development of the child to ensure high character and personality so that he becomes a disciplined, well-adjusted and responsible citizen of a democratic country.